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Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
those what is best for his family and his career. >> bob: handoff to lyle mccombs and that might be a white flag wave of connecticut and it is. paul pasqualoni's team will come off the sideline and ends today's game with cincinnati coming on the road and closing off a 9-3 season and 5-2 record in the big east with 34-17 win. a game that connecticut kept close at halftime, but that uc really took over in the second half. >> danny: they really did. they knew they would probably be a tough position in the fourth quarter and they took control of the game when it mattered the most. >> bob: maria? >> maria: i heard you're not a fan of the cold weather but you get the gatorade bath. what does it mean for the team to fight back and get the big east title this year? >> resiliency. this team has shown great resolve and leadership. i said one of the greatest stories in college football and this program 4 out of 5 championships means something back-to-back with this team and excite for our seniors, our fans and everyone. you never take wing for granted. >> maria: you talked about this being a y
Dec 18, 2012 6:00pm EST
these types of weapons. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell wants to open the discussion about school officials being allowed to carry firearms on campus. he says the not be able to stop an individual from getting into a school. >> four days after the shootings in connecticut the national rifle association has broken its silence, saying its four million members are heartbroken by the loss of life. they also said that are prepared to offer what it called meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again. that promise to make a major announcement on friday. abc 7 will be there. our coverage of the tragedy in new count continues on -- the tragedy in newtown. >> we are couple of weeks from the so-called fiscal cliff and house speaker john boehner has proposed what he is calling plan b to keep taxes from going up on most americans. the white house says try again. >> both sides have made considerable concessions in recent days. it is hard to say how close they are to deal, but today both sides appear more hopeful. ex-president and the speaker of the house are maki
Dec 18, 2012 12:00pm EST
raising money now to help katy. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell would like to discuss army teachers. if someone at sandy hook had been armed, he says there would not have been -- there would've been an opportunity to stop this person. he has created a task force that will provide for budget proposals to address this and needs for school safety. it was an emotional gathering outside the capitol this morning where family members and accident victims read the names of their deceased loved ones. the brady campaign to prevent gun violence held the conference. after they read the names, they delivered a letter to go congress and the white house calling on an end to violence in america. >> dick's sporting goods is making big changes in the wake of the school shooting. >> brianne carter this is in the newsroom with details. >> after the mass shooting in connecticut, the company says on its website, "out of respect for the victims and families during this time of national mourning we have removed all guns from sale and from display in our store nearest newtown and suspended the sale of moder
Dec 18, 2012 11:00pm EST
country has hit a fever new high tonight. governor bob mcdonnell made national headlines for comments he made. hours ago he said he was open to the idea of allowing school officials to carry guns inside virginia schools. we are live in the newsroom tonight with a look at who is outraged by the comments. >> northern virginia democratic congressman gerry connolly put out a statement saying he is appalled by what the governor said, but some parents say maybe it is time to look into this >> on wtop today the virginia governor said the idea of letting trained officials carry a gun should at least be explored. authorities say the sandy hook principal heroically tried to stop adam lanza, but he shot and killed her. >> if a person like that was armed and trained, could they have stopped the carnage in the process? perhaps. >> others disagree. one lawman who has a grandson the same age as many of the children who died said she feels safer when he is at school. >> especially now, i think someone should be armed at all schools. >> it could be great for those who are trained to really be prepared
Dec 17, 2012 12:00pm EST
. >> governor bob mcdonnell has announced a modest revisions to the virginia two-year budget ahead of the potential fiscal cliff. he targeted slight spending increases for into -- indigent health care, raises for teachers and $128 million deposit into state's reserve. still to come -- >> our great grocery giveaway is reaching its peak and i will let you know how wjla and save what are making a difference. >> plus, we will let more on the big redskin win against the browns. >> jacqui jeras will be back with a look at the full forecast. >> as it should be the case, we help out those in need. >> we are able to help save way help the capital area food bank. meteorologist adam caskey joins us live from the safeway store on north harrison streets in arlington. >> we are here at the north harrison safely in arlington. and this is my home neighborhood safeway so i feel at home. we joined up with safeway and the capital area food bank to join the help us end hundred food drive. it is part of our great grocery giveaway. for every 10 shares on facebook we were able to donate a bag worth $10 of food
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
warm front. increasing chances of rain on sunday and monday. check out bob ryan posted a new blog a new policy for hurricane warnings. it is a policy that is a result of hurricane sandy. based on their new guidelines, that will not be the story. a lot to read. >> thank you. uys. missed you gys glad to have you back. the ravens are coming to town on sunday. stoppings safety said rg iii from running is like .elling superman not to fly robert griffin iii has hit new heights today. britt mchenry has the latest at redskins park. it was not your typical day .t the park three was honored for breaking a record. >> it is awesome. everyone wants to be in the hall of fame. cleats, they my .re dirty >> he credited his teammates and 3-game winningir streak. the guys are getting better and the coaches are getting better. seeing what defenses are doing to us. the redskins defense had one of their best outings against new york. nobody said that it would be easy. we believe in each other. the redskins defense suffered .nother setback this week they lost cedric griffin after the league's drug
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
at reagan national. bob ryan just tweeted that is exactly average for this time of year. so, that was average. you can see a little bit of action here on the radar screen, i am blue, -- in a blue, green and yellow. we will get the worst out of the system the next couple of days. there is a warming saturday. then we will briefly cool again on sunday, just to spite again in temperatures on monday. -- just to spike again in temperatures on monday. we did a little bit of list in our atmosphere. that is what happens at the beginning of the warming trends. that could trigger an isolated sprinkle or two. our futurecast does pick up on this. montgomery county, frederick county, closer to the mason- dixon line. here is your forecast. 45 is the high temperature. quickly sliding down 330's. -- sliding down to be 30's. i think we will be in the 30's, just above freezing. warmer than yesterday's. we may have of you out morning sprinkles northwest of washington. otherwise, a dry day near 50. that is average. noticed the bumpy day temperature-wise. we will get shot down into the 40's. >> why can
Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm EST
. bob ryan has put together a new interactive blog video of the time line of what to expect for the snow tomorrow. >> are they ready? >> i think they're ready to go. redskins went through a good christmas practice of the park today. rg3 continues to free up, plan without pain or a lamp. he is still wearing the news breeze, but free enough in getting used to it. unlike last week, mike shanahan is going to turn him loose. the want rg3 to feed off this thanksgiving day success in dallas. the sky seems to play his best in the biggest games. -- this guy seems to play his best in the biggest games. and it does not get better than this, sunday night. >> you know who is going to be watching that game whether it is a 1:00 game or a night game. everybody takes the approach. nobody wants to be embarrassed on national tv. everybody is going to give it their best shot. >> rg3, redskins and cowboys for the nfc east title. the last day of the nfl regular season. the loser probably stays home for the playoffs. let's get streaking. the skins have won six straight bowl games to get into the playoffs.
Dec 18, 2012 5:00pm EST
bob mcdonnell talked with art news partners and said he is open to discussing whether to allow people outside of law enforcement to carry guns at schools. >> i think there should least be a discussion of that. if people are armed, not just a police officer but school officials that were changed -- were trained and had a weapon there may be an opportunity to stop aggressors coming into the schools. >> he says that no option should be immediately taken off the table. a large sporting goods chain says it will no longer sell automatic weapons. while some restrict sales other gone shops say that business for them is booming. -- other gun shops say that business for them is booming. >> the exporting goods they is removing some types of weapons. for stores that sell the bonds business could hardly be better -- for stores that sell the guns. assault rifles have plenty of appeal for gun enthusiasts. that is one reason mark warner in chantilly is not surprised sales are up 10 times in just the past few days. since newtown, sales of assault weapons and clips have skyrocketed across america, with
Dec 17, 2012 5:00pm EST
another effect. gun bob? . they are getting a huge response. >> people are saying what happened in connecticut really did have an effect on them. >> the program in prince george's townie netted 160 weapons. >> that is 160 weapons where someone could decide in the heat of the moment they were going to use it to hurt someone. >> gun owners say they will continue to fight for their rights. >> taking guns away is not the answer. guns are just a tool. >> one couple that was done shopping told us that many of the stores are so busy, they had to go from store to store to get service. live from palmer park, richard reid abc7 news. >> our coverage will continue at 5:00 tonight as well. for closer look, you can go to our website -- leon? >> we switched gears and go on to the ongoing drama of the fiscal cliff. there are tonight's of the -- there are signs of potential progress. john boehner and president obama met at the white house in the hopes of working out a deal. boehner offered an increase in tax rates for people making more than $1 million a year. it was on the condition that
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10